My band "The Fairest and Best" released their new single and video "It Could Be You" on April 14th. It's a very moving song about refugees - and all proceeds will be going to the International Red Cross for their work with refugees worldwide. You can see it here:


Speaking of the band - we  recently released our first EP - "When I Feel Like This" - a sophomore release to my solo debut "Storm in a Teacup". The EP has already has elicited three all - network sync licensing contracts (The Discovery Channel, Fox Sports and The NASCAR Network) as well as contracts from thirteen individual shows - including I Am Cait, The Real World, Bad Girls Club, Total Divas and three Kardashian shows - none of which the band has ever watched! It has also been added to the playlists of over 100 radio stations across North America and two songs garnered runner up placements (in two categories) of the 2015 Dallas Songwriters Association Song Contest as well as a semifinal placement in the 2016 "Song Of The Year" contest. You can hear it by clicking clicking on "Have a Listen" (to the right) or you can download it here:


Here's the first video from the EP - "One Little Sign"


We like to say we are the most eclectic band in Canada!

THE FAIREST AND BEST are a real "music lovers" band - delving into  ALL ORIGINAL pop/rock/soul/jazz/blues/country/Latin/reggae/and even power ballads! 

Or as a couple of recent reviwers put it:

"I have no idea what genre this is, it's just good......something I won't be able to get out of my head for days." (KAMP Radio)

"It sounded like Huey Lewis and the News were having sex with Supertramp while Steely Dan watched (smoking a cigarette)  "Nelson Sobral)

Here's what we look like  (serious shot)


And a not - so serious shot!

And here's a link to our Electronic Press Ki


Welcome to my website! My name is Robert Graham  - I am a Toronto based Canadian/Australian pianist and singer/songwriter. I am also a Music Director, accompanist (vocal, instrumental and dance), pianist, Choir Director,  vocal/repertoire coach, entertainer, and educator.

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My debut album "STORM IN A TEACUP", was well received by critics and punters alike - you can find out more about it at the tab above called "My debut album - "Storm in a Teacup".



If you want to learn more about my career in the Theatre as an Music Director, vocal/repertoire coach, pianist, dance accompanist  and accompanist or my work as a choir director - please click on the relevant tabs on the top of the page. My general resume is available at the RESUME tab and my Theatre specific resume is available at the MUSIC DIRECTOR tab.


As well as being a songwriter I also know thousands of other people's songs - from Beethoven to ZZ Top! If you are interested in hiring me to perform please check out the ENTERTAINER tag above. There is video there of me performing a medley of just a few of the songs in my extensive song list - plus a video of what I can do as a solo pianist without vocals. A sample song list is also provided.


I am happy to report that after a long battle my friend Jose Figueroa has been granted his freedom after being forced into sanctuary over two years ago! Thanks to The Immigration Minister Joh McCallum for granting Jose this freedom to be re-united with his family. We are still fighting for Jose to be re-issued with a work permit and to be granted permanent residency. 

A recent song I wrote called "YOU ARE WELCOME HERE" is available to download! All proceeds from the download go to the "We are Jose" campaign - to raise funds to help pay for the legal defence of Jose  - a Salvadoran  refugee facing deportation from Canada for his non-violent opposition to the right-wing military dictatorship in EL Salvador in the 1980s. He had been forced into sanctuary in a Langley church in an effort to avoid deportation. This is a cause very dear to my heart and I would love your support.

You can download the song here:

A video for the song - made by Jose himself can be seen here:

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