My band  - the fabulous "FAIREST AND BEST"  ( has released our first EP - "When I Feel Like This" - a sophomore release to my solo debut "Storm in a Teacup". The big EP Launch night is Friday Oct 23rd at the Cameron House - and also features THE COMMONERS. See "GIGS" for more details. You can hear hear it by clicking the HEAR AND DOWNLOAD MUSIC tab above and here's a sneak peek of one of the songs - "One Little Sign"


We like to say we are the most eclectic band in Canada!

THE FAIREST AND BEST are a real "music lovers" band - delving into  ALL ORIGINAL pop/rock/soul/jazz/blues/country/Latin/reggae/and even power ballads! 

Or as one recent audience member put it: 

"It sounded like Huey Lewis and the News were having sex with Supertramp while Steely Dan watched (smoking a cigarette)......

Here's what we look like  (serious shot)


And a not - so serious shot!


And here's a link to our Electronic Press Kit:


Welcome to my website! My name is Robert Graham  - I am a Toronto based Canadian/Australian pianist and singer/songwriter. I am also a Music Director, accompanist (vocal, instrumental and dance), pianist, vocal/repertoire coach, entertainer, and educator.

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You can hear my songs by clicking on the HAVE A LISTEN! sidebar on the right.

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My debut album "STORM IN A TEACUP", was well received by critics and punters alike - you can find out more about it at the tab above called "My debut album - "Storm in a Teacup"



If you want to learn more about my career in the Theatre as an Music Director, vocal/repertoire coach, pianist, dance accompanist  and accompanist please click on the relevant tabs on top of the page. My general resume is available at the RESUME tab and my Theatre specific resume is available at the MUSIC DIRECTOR tab.3.


As well as being a songwriter I also know thousands of other people's songs - from Beethoven to ZZ Top! If you are interested in hiring me to perform in your establishment or at your event please check out the ENTERTAINER tag above. There is video there of me performing a medley of just a few of the songs in my extensive song list - plus a video of what I can do as a solo pianist without vocals. A sample song list is also provided.


A recent song I wrote called "YOU ARE WELCOME HERE" is available to download! All proceeds from the download go to the "We are Jose" campaign to raise funds for the legal defence of Jose Figueroa  - a Salvadoran  refugee facing deportation from Canada for his non-violent opposition to the right-wing military dictatorship in EL Salvador in the 1908s. He has been forced into sanctuary in a Langley church in an effort to avoid deportation. This is a cause very dear to my heart and I would loved your support.

You can download the song here:

There is a video for the song too (made by Jose himself) which you can see at

More information about Jose can be found at Please support this important cause!


I am excited to report that various songs from my debut album "Storm in a Teacup" have been picked up to be part of  two feature films! The Canadian film "Clean Break" has already been shown in various parts of the world - picking up an award from the Atlanta Horror Film Festival. The other is a unique Australian film - a wrestling, horror, zombie film (yes that IS a called "From Parts Unknown - Fight Like a Girl",  which made its debut in January 2015.


Yes, you can get a FREE download of of any of my solo songs or the songs of THE FAIREST AND BEST by clicking the "HEAR AND DOWNLOAD MY MUSIC" link above. But.......

If you are one of the rare and lovely people who still believe artists should be paid for what they do you can support my music and pay 99c for my most recently released single here: If you want to buy the whole "Storm in a Teacup" album please click on the  STORE tab above or click here:

Please note that if you choose to download my songs you will not get to see the photo of me and my twin brother Mark earning equal third place in the "Great Sunshine Coast Talent Contest" ( a recorder duet!) when we were 11 years old -  this historic photo can only be found in the hardcopy artwork (just saying....) 

Thanks for your support!


Take some time to browse awhile, and DO leave your email address on my list (see the top right hand corner of this page). If you click on the Facebook and Youtube icons above there is more to see. ("Likes" are appreciated too!)


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