Activism has always been a part of my life. As well as being a full-time musician I do what i can to lend my voice - musical or otherwise - to issues of social justice:



I recently printed 150 bumper stickers that read "I Support a Carbon Tax"

I made them because I care about climate change. I want you to have one! I am selling them and all the money (after printing/mailing costs) is going to Climate Action Network Canada. I will mail you one if you send me your address (See "contact" above). The total cost for me is 4.25 per sticker. Anything you pay after that goes to this great environmental group. If you pay $5 then they get 0.35 cents. If you pay $10 they get $5.75. $20 will see them get $15.75. You can pay more if you feel strongly about it. But I would dearly love to see these stickers all over Toronto.......thats the main idea.


Why did I do this? Because I believe the scientists that are telling us we are running out of time. The very LEAST we can do to save our planet is tax the thing that is going to make this place uninhabitable. Lots of politicians - like our own Doug Ford - are ignoring climate change and have vowed to defeat even this modest proposal. Show them you disagree by buying this sticker. I think the majority needs to speak. Are you in? Then send me your address and I will get you a sticker! 







I am happy to report that after a long battle my friend Jose Figueroa has been granted his freedom (and has also been granted permanent residency) after being forced into sanctuary over two years ago! Thanks to The Immigration Minister John McCallum for granting Jose this freedom to be re-united with his family. We are still fighting for Jose to officially clear his name of any terrorism charges.

A recent song I wrote called "YOU ARE WELCOME HERE" is available to download! All proceeds from the download go to the "We are Jose" campaign - to raise funds to help pay for the legal defence of Jose  - a Salvadoran  refugee facing deportation from Canada for his non-violent opposition to the right-wing military dictatorship in EL Salvador in the 1980s. He had been forced into sanctuary in a Langley church in an effort to avoid deportation. This is a cause very dear to my heart and I would love your support.

You can download the song here:

A video for the song - made by Jose himself can be seen here:


It Could Be You

In 2016, together with The Fairest and Best, I released a new single and video called "It Could Be You".  All proceeds from the sale of the song go to the International Red Cross for their work with refugees worldwide. The song is a call for empathy for refugees - whose numbers are climbing daily.

You can find out more about the song here:


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