Robert Graham

Growing up both in British Columbia and Western Australia, from an early age Robert Graham divided his time equally between honing his skills as a piano player and attempting to learn every song on the radio! He continues the journey in Toronto as a professional musical journeyman, creator and collaborator.


Together with his songwriting and performing, Graham maintains a career as a Music Director, pianist, accompanist, vocalist, and vocal/repertoire coach and has worked on numerous Theatre productions across Canada and Australia - most recently "Seeking Refuge" at the 2017 Toronto Fringe Festival.

His collaborations have included several multi-genre bands and ensembles - touring the UK with Canadian roots supergroup "Tanglefoot" (Winner - Best Vocal Group - 2007 Canadian Folk Music Awards) and performing with Australia's "Los Chasquis" (Perth, Australia) 

His debut album, "STORM IN A TEACUP", produced by CHRIS BROWN (Bourbon Tabernacle Choir, Kate Fenner, DJ Logic) was a wickedly eclectic album of multi-genre gems, described as "ingenious, sophisticated pop music with more twists and turns then your average Agatha Christie thriller."

Follow up singles followed, and a new EP - this time with his new band The Fairest and Best - released in the fall of 2015 ( The new EP has already been added to the playlist of over 100 radio stations across North America and elicited three all - network sync licensing contracts (The Discovery Channel, Fox Sports and The NASCAR Network) as well as contracts from thirteen individual shows - including I Am Cait, The Real World, Bad Girls Club, Total Divas and three Kardashian shows - none of which Robert has ever watched! A song from the EP was also added to the City of Toronto's "Music 311" playlist and in 2019 Robert was awarded a Toronto Artscape Foundation Launchpad Bursary

"It Could Be You" - a song written to highlight the plight of refugees worldwide was runner up in the 2018 "Songs for Social Change Songwriting Competition" and placed 4th overall in the 2016 Dallas Songwriters Association Song Contest. A new single - "Celebrity" was released on January 1st 2018.

Graham's pop, rock, and soul music has already garnered him award recognition from the BILLBOARD WORLD SONG CONTEST, THE DALLAS SONGWRITERS ASSOCIATION SONGWRITING CONTEST, THE "SONG OF THE YEAR' CONTEST, THE IRL MIDEM FRANCE CONTEST, and THE EVENTIDE SONGWRITING CONTEST. His songs have also elicited licensing deals in Australia and Italy, been included on several compilation CDs, and appeared in two feature films - including the Canadian film "Clean Break". In 2018 he was awarded the inaugural Douglas C Cowling Bursary in Liturgical Music.

Guest appearances on the "Storm in a Teacup" include NYC heavyweights TEDDY KUMPEL (Joe Jackson, Rickie Lee Jones, Feist, Trent Reznor), ANTON FIER (Herbie Hancock), ROB JOST (Tony Scherr Trio, Ursa Minor), and TONY SCHERR (Bill Frisell, Norah Jones), with cameos from ERIC SCHENKMAN (Spin Doctors) and FORD PIER (DOA, the Rheostatics), not to mention Kingston Ontario's own Andy Love, Dan Charbonneau, Alec Barken, and Eli and John Abrams of the fabulous ABRAMS BROTHERS.

He has shared the stage with such diverse acts as the Chilina Kennedy, Ma-Anne Dionisio, David Wilcox, Natalie McMaster, KellyLee Evans, Beverley Mahood, Mark Cassius, Jay Davis, Gabi Epstein, LeahyEt Tu Bruce, Chris Birkett, Shooglenifty, and the Cowboy Junkies.

Robert Graham has lived in British Columbia, Perth Australia and now lives in Toronto, Ontario.

The Fairest and Best


Combining the best of youth and experience, The Fairest and Best deliver instantly memorable hooks, exhilarating four-part harmonies, and an amazingly varied mix of musical genres – from pure delicious pop, to heart wrenching ballads and driving rock – all wrapped in arrangements packed with genuine emotion. 

Their debut EP "When I Feel like This" made quite an impact:

1. Licensing: Three all-network sync licensing contracts (The Discovery Channel, Fox Sports and The NASCAR Network) plus contracts from thirteen individual shows - including I Am CaitThe Real World, Bad Girls Club, Total Divas and three Kardashian shows (none of which the band has ever watched!)

2. Radio: added to the playlists of over 100 radio stations across North America. 

3. Awards: Two runners-up awards in the 2015 Dallas Songwriters Association Song Contest, semi-final in the 2016 "Song Of The Year" contest, and being added to the City of Toronto's "Music 311" playlist.

Their follow-up single "It Could Be You" - a fundraiser about the plight of refugees was named runner-up in the 2018 "Songs for Social Change" Songwriting Competition, and also claimed 4th place overall in the 2016 Dallas Songwriters Association Song Contest. Their new single and video "Celebrity" dropped on Jan 1st 2018.

"Ingenious, sophisticated pop music with more twists and turns than the average Agatha Christie thriller..." (BBC Tees)

"It sounded like Huey Lewis and the News were having sex with Supertramp while Steely Dan watched (smoking a cigarette)...... "

.....a trippy, eclectic collection of pop, rock and blues – with hints of jazz and soul – accompanied by some stand-out musicians and vocalists....... a big range of emotional and musical expression .... combines the whimsical poignancy of Beatles storytelling with the dark social commentary of The Police’s “Synchronicity II”.....(Life With More Cowbell)

As well as Graham the band features Caitlin Holland (the lovely one), drummer Nigel Maynard (Mr Handsome 2), guitarists Darryl Wood (Mr Expressive), Brant Garratt (The Young Buck), and bassist Gerry Williams (the Respectable One).

In its short existence the band is already establishing a reputation for wildly entertaining live shows. They have showcased at Canadian Music Week, Indie Week, POP Overthrow, YYX LIVE and performed at several of Toronto's premier venues including The Horseshoe, Lee's Palace, The Silver Dollar, The Cadillac Lounge, and The Cameron House. The songs, which are written by Graham, have already garnered award recognition from the BILLBOARD WORLD SONG CONTEST, and the DALLAS SONGWRITERS ASSOCIATION SONGWRITING CONTEST (among others), secured licensing deals in Australia and Italy, radio airplay in several countries, and were featured in the Canadian feature film"Clean Break", and the Australian feature film "From Parts Unknown" - Fight Like a Girl!"

The Fairest and Best welcome you to their wonderful wacky world of love, hooks and big harmonies! Visit us at

Here's some video for you - our latest single "Celebrity" - in various forms and some live footage too.

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