My band "The Fairest and Best" is very versatile. Not only can we play in bars, festivals, and big stages - we also perform house concerts!

If you have a home and would like to host a concert I would love to to hear from you! I promise you an unforgettable night. A house concert is the perfect opportunity for a group of people to listen to the songs in a new way - in a more acoustic and personal setting. You will hear not only the songs themselves but also the stories behind the songs - the funny, poignant and moving stories that form the meaning behind The Fairest and Best's award winning songs.

I have a range of house concert formats to choose from - you could host the full 6 piece band - or any number of members - from a trio - to just me by myself. Whatever works for your space and taste - I can make it happen!

Here's some feedback from our last house concert:

"It was so much better than going to a bar. The intimate setting and great sound made it a very memorable night for us."

"Composers don't often get a chance to provide interesting and amusing backstories to an appreciative and attentive audience.  Truly an 'intimate' musical evening."

Please email me at to get in touch. I can't wait to play in your living room!

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