In 2013 I formed a band to play the songs I have written.  We are called THE FAIREST AND BEST. The name is a tribute to my Australian heritage - in the West Australian football league the MVP not only has to be the best player but also the fairest (he can't have tried to kill anybody during the season!) Otherwise you cannot win the coveted "Fairest and Best Award"!

Here's our latest single (and hilarious video) "Celebrity"

Our debut EP was released in the Fall of 2015 and has already been added to over 100 radio stations across North America - as well as garnering two runner-up awards in the the 2015 Dallas Songwriters Association Song Contest and a semifinal placement in the 2016 "Song Of The Year" contest. Additionally the EP elicited three all - network sync licensing contracts (The Discovery Channel, Fox Sports and The NASCAR Network) as well as contracts from thirteen individual shows - including I Am Cait, The Real World, Bad Girls Club, Total Divas and three Kardashian shows - none of which the band has ever watched! A song from the EP was also included in the City of Toronto's "Music 311" playlist and a follow-up single "It Could Be You" - a song written to highlight the plight of refugees was named runner-up in the 2018 "Songs for Social Change Songwriting Competition, and placed 4th overall in the 2016 Dallas Songwriters Association Song Contest. 

Heres "One Little Sign" from our EP.


Here is the band's website: 

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So what do we sound like? We are a music lovers band - if you don't like ORIGINAL pop, rock, soul, jazz, country, blues, reggae, and power ballads then stay away! Our songs are multi-genre, highly eclectic but all performed with heart, heat, and harmony. But don't take our word for it:

"I have no idea what genre this is, it's just good......something I won't be able to get out of my head for days." (KAMP Radio)

"In brief, this is the kind of a feeling that makes someone turn up the knob when the song is on the radio, pause what they are doing when it comes on Youtube, and tell their friends. In other words, a feeling sorely missed in modern, assembly line style music. You owe it to your soul to listen.........a great pop-edged sort of modern rock, delivered with a masterful sound, and lyrics that leave you wondering and wanting more."

Matt Avery
The Westfield Alliance Indie Show

"Ingenious, sophisticated pop music with more twists and turns than the average Agatha Christie thriller..." (BBC Tees)

 ".....a trippy, eclectic collection of pop, rock and blues – with hints of jazz and soul – accompanied by some stand-out musicians and vocalists....... a big range of emotional and musical expression on this record....  combines the whimsical poignancy of Beatles storytelling with the dark social commentary of The Police’s “Synchronicity II”.....(Life With More Cowbell)

Here's a little sample of our live show:



You can see more reviews of our live shows by holding your cursor over the tab you are currently on  ("My Band - The Fairest and Best") until you see "Press and Reviews" (on the tab above).

As well as myself, the band features drummer Nigel Maynard (Mr Handsome 2), guitarists Darryl Wood (Mr Expressive) and Brant Garratt (The New One), bassist Gerry Williams (the Respectable One) and vocalist Caitlin Holland (the Young and Talented One). Keep reading below for bios on these wonderful musicians.

In its short existence the band is already establishing a reputation for entertaining, humorous, thought provoking shows at several of Toronto's premiere live music venues, including The Horseshoe, Lee's Palace, The Cameron House, The Silver Dollar, the Cadillac Lounge, and The Painted Lady. Stay tuned to the next chapter by joining our mailing list and come and see us play!


Now's it time to meet the band!



Born and raised in Trinidad, Gerry has lived most of his adult life in Canada.

Raised on a healthy dose of Calypso, Soca, Reggae, Pop, R&B, Rock, Gospel, he sang in church choirs since the age of 10. He learned to play guitar by watching his older sisters play but realized he was "born to be bass" after recognizing that as a child he was always  humming bass lines of songs as opposed to the melody!

Gerry credits his mother for his love and appreciation for music. Thanks to her, he and his siblings grew up listening to Frank Sinatra, Andy Williams, Nat King Cole, Glen Miller, Johnny Mathis, as well as Beethoven, Mozart, etc. 
His other musical influences include The Beatles, The Police, Rush, Kool & The Gang, The Commodores, Elton John, Quincy Jones, Lord Kitchener, The Mighty Sparrow, David Rudder, Bob Marley, Queen, Chicago, Earth, Wind & Fire, and the list goes on.

Gerry keeps himself busy by playing rhythm guitar, bass guitar or singing lead or back-up with such groups as: 'Neu Jenarashun', 'Steelbandits', 'Maestre & Friends', 'Los Amigos', and the 'OLGC Caribbean Catholic Church choir'.

Darryl Wood (guitar and backing vox):


"Darryl Lee Wood is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter from Toronto. He is active as a session musician and performer with various artists around the GTA." (He's also very modest and is a kick-ass backing singer - that's from me (Robert)

 Darryl's website:

Caitlin Holland (vocals):

Caitlin Holland has been singing as long as she could speak, and music has always been her passion.  A graduate of St. Lawrence College's musical theatre program, she has also studied acting and dance with the same love she has for music. Robert Graham was her favourite teacher at St. Lawrence, so when he asked her to sing back up for the Fairest and Best, she jumped at the opportunity.  She loves playing with the incredibly talented group of guys.

Best known for her work with the band Top Notch and the Caitlin Holland Band, she also sings and performs in a variety of venues, ranging from Magenta in the Rocky
Horror Show to the award-winning Cantala Women's choir.  Caitlin has been teaching children's music, music theory, and voice for 4 years, in both Ontario and South Korea.  She now studies piano and mandolin to further expand her musical horizons, and lends her voice and songwriting skills to as many different projects as she can be a part of.


  NIGEL MAYNARD (drums):

What can we say about Nigel Maynard, (aka – The MaynStreet).

Nigel started banging on drums when he was around eight years old and quickly fell in love with the instrument.  After a few years of child-like experimentation he became seriously hooked, not only with the creative potential he found the drums offered him, but also in the vast possibilities of music as a language for conveying emotion, excitement and energy.

Nigel started of at being a mostly Hip Hop/R&B drummer, which then lead him to gospel drumming many years ago – which just blew his mind. Since then, Jazz Latin Fusion took a very strong hold of him, in which you can hear in some of his playing to this day.

After attending Humber College under the tutorship of Roger Flock, Don Vickery, Paul Delong, Dave Mancuso, Rick Lazar and others, Nigel immersed himself in performance working with several regional and international musicians playing styles from jazz, latin, rock, funk, soul, calypso, reggae, congolese and others. All this has led him to perform in places from Canada, the United States, and parts of Europe.

BRANT GARRATT (lead guitar)

Brant refuses to send in his bio - but at least we have a picture!

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