In 2009 Robert released his debut album "STORM IN A TEACUP". 

The album was produced by CHRIS BROWN (Bourbon Tabernacle Choir) and featured some of the finest musicians in North America including ERIC SCHENKMAN (Spin Doctors), TEDDY KUMPEL (Rickie Lee Jones, Feist, Trent Reznor), ANTON FIER (Herbie Hancock, the Lounge Lizards), TONY SCHERR (Bill Frisell, Norah Jones), FORD PIER (DOA, the Rheostatics), not to mention and Eli and John Abrams of the fabulous ABRAMS BROTHERS. 

Since it's release, the eclectic multi-genre "Storm in a Teacup" has been recognized in a some notable ways:

  • The song "Living in a Coma" was contracted to three all - network sync licensing contracts (The Discovery Channel, Fox Sports and The NASCAR Network) as well as contracts from thirteen individual shows - including I Am Cait, The Real World, Bad Girls Club, Total Divas and three Kardashian shows - none of which Robert has ever watched!
  • 2010 BILLBOARD WORLD SONG CONTEST (Honourable Mention)  
  • IRL MIDEM FRANCE 2011 Contest  (finalist)
  • iSTARS TALENT CONTEST 2011 (runner up)    
  • Inclusion in two feature films
  • In-store radio licensing deal for the territory of Italy through Machiavelli Music   
  • Inclusion in the Post Media National Playlist 
  • Inclusion in the Songwriter's Association Canada (SAC) CBC Radio 3 Member's Playlist 
  •  Selection in the libraries of various Music Licensing Companies
  •  Radio airplay in various countries and radio features and interviews on the CBC, ABC, BBC, and NPR 
  • Inclusion in the DIVERSITY MUSIC GROUP After Dark Compilation CD and the ARKATONE MUSIC GROUP Chill/Ambient Compilation CD (amongst others)
  • Inclusion in the "Sounds Like Cafe" Compilation CD (across Australia)
  • Inclusion in the UE3 Artist Sampler CD Austin Spring 2012
  • Extensive press and blog coverage (see "Reviews" above)

You can listen to the album and/or download it here:



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Upcoming EVENTS

Previous events


"Welcome Back" Concert - featuring Robert and Scarlett Graham with special guests "The Alfalfa Males"!

Ecoburbia, 16 Livingtone Street, Beaconsfield

I am thrilled about this show for so many reasons: thrilled to be doing my first show back in my new (old) home of Fremantle. Thrilled to be performing with my daughter Scarlett. Thrilled to be performing at my sister's venue "Ecoburbia". And thrilled to being sharing the stage with my brother-in-law's band "The Alfalfa Males"! What could be better than that?


The Fairest and Best LIVE!

C'est what?, 67 Front St. East, Toronto, ON

Come and see us - you won't regret it!

no cover


"The Recaps" present "The Way We Were" - Great Female Artists of the 70's"

C'est what?, 67 Front St. East, Toronto, ON

"The Recaps" return - featuring myself and Barb Scheffler!




Solo show

Ace's Place, Guildwood Parkway, Guildwood

It will be great to be back performing at Aces's Place!


Putting the "Fun" back into "Fundraiser"!

Malvern Emmanuel United Church, 25 Sewells Road, Scarborough, ON

Come and check the band out and a bunch of other great acts!


"The Recaps" present "The Way We Were" - Great Female Artists of the 70's"

Social Capital Theatre, 154 Danforth Ave, Toronto

Excited to announce a brand new duo - myself and Barb Scheffler are "The Recaps" and this is our first show!




The Fairest and Best at C'est What

C'est what?, 67 Front St. East, Toronto, ON

Another fun and musical night at C'est What....


Broadway Concert Series

Lyric Theatre, 5040 Yonge Street North York, Toronto

The Broadway Concert Series continues - featuring the amazing music of Les Miserables and Miss Saigon - with myself on piano! Featured performers include David Silveste, George Masswohl, Jeff Madden, Ma-Anne Dionisio, and Cailin Stadynk!



Music Theatre Creation Lab

Randolph Academy of the Performing Arts, 730 Bathurst Street, Toronto

I am back working in the Randolph Kids Program doing our "Write-Your-Own-Musical" series! 


Resa's Pieces Singers 2019 Gala

Beth Emeth Bais Yehuda Synagogue, 100 Elder Street, Toronto

Another wonderful Gala featuring my fantastic Resa's Pieces Singers........a  great mix of choral music on show!




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