1. The Line

From the recording The Line

This is the first single, and the title track of my new solo album "The Line".
It is a very personal song, written for my wife and two children, shortly after we moved to Australia - quite an upheaval for all of us. Verse one is for my wife, verse two for my daughter, and verse three for my son. The lyrics can be found here too.

When I say the "line" I really mean the "love"....the love between family members that sometimes bends but never breaks, that can survive distance, ageing, life's challenges, and even death. I hope you can relate to this song.


“The Line”

I don’t remember losing sight of you

How could I have missed it, it was in plain view

Time moves so slowly when it’s every day

But change is slow and things can fade away

Oh......things can fade away.

But we are on the same line

Sometimes moving out of time

But sometimes the best songs don’t always rhyme

Seasons change as time goes by

And things will change with you and I

We just need to hold on......to the line

There was a time I promised I would try

To give you love that you can justify

Your hopes and dreams would all be safe with me

And I could make them all reality

Oh.........it was too hard for me

But part of me will be in you

So think of me when you need to

And remember how much love I have for you

And like the morning sun at dawn

You will live when I am gone

But the line between us......will go on

Do you feel the love I have inside?

Do you get enough or do you feel denied?

Sometimes I wonder what you think of me

Was I the person that you hoped I’d be?

Oh........I wish you you could see

That you and I still have some time

To walk together on this line

And when you walk alone you will be fine

You will shine just like a star

And as you journey wide and far

The line will be a part of........who you are