Do you need find some time to relax? Or are you struggling to find time to be creative?

The idea for the “Rest, Restore and Recharge” class came to Robert over time, as he performed weekly services at St Micheal and All Angels church, where he currently works as a Music Director. During certain times in the service (e.g. communion, arrival and departure) Robert plays very calming, meditative music to create a mood of relaxation and contemplation. Feedback from those in attendance has been very positive, with many people expressing how much they enjoyed the “down time” of being alone with their thoughts for those moments.

This helped crystallize the RRR sessions in Robert's mind. Why not do a hour session of this type of piano music, in a non-religious setting, during which people can do whatever they wish? In conjunction with Heartplace (upstairs in the Fibonacci Centre, Fremantle) Robert began the sessions in January 2024 and they continue there monthly on a Sunday afternoon. 

What do people do in these one hour sessions? 

Some sleep, or rest. Others lie or sit with their eyes closed, taking in the music. Others paint or draw. Some people read, or write - on paper or on a computer. Some other people meditate or perhaps pray, or just quietly sit or lie with the music. One person even made jewellery! Participants have shown Robert poetry, or blog posts they have composed during the one hour sessions. Others have commented how great it was to just take an hour to relax and let go of the stress they were feeling. All felt the music was the perfect compliment to whatever they were doing - whether it be creative or reflective

If you are interested in attending a future class (held on Sunday afternoons) April 7th, May 5th, or June 2nd please click here.

Private sessions are also available for groups or individuals. Please contact Robert at for more information. 

Below are some examples of what you might hear at a RRR session.