Over the years Robert has worked as a choir director and/or accompanist for many different choirs. He recently accepted the position of Musical Director with VoiceworksPLUS - a musical theatre choir for people living with disabilities. He also is the accompanist for their sister choir Voiceworks Vocal Ensemble - both based in Perth, Western Australia .( a young(er) man he was the accompanist for the Perth Children's Choir. 

In April 2016/17 Robert was Music Director of newchoirtoo - the sister choir to newchoir - Toronto's first "rock choir" ( 

Between 2013 and 2019 he was the Musical Director for Resa's Pieces Singers - a 70 strong Toronto choir of amateur singers ( as well as their sister choir Resa's Pieces Chamber Choir aka "The Treblemakers" which commenced in September 2017.

Between 2012 and 2019 Robert was the accompanist for Village Voices (; from 2015-2018, he accompanied the Swan Lake Singers in Markham, Ontario(, and from 2015-2019 he was the music director at Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Guildwood, Ontario, which also involved conducting the parish's choir.

Here are some comments about his role as a choir director - from some of his choir members:

First of all, let say that is was a pure delight to be a part of the Resa's Pieces Singers this past year. ....I must say that the group was a compatible one with people in my age area, some older and most younger. There were some more musically experienced and others less. I felt at home with everyone. I appreciated that fact. 

The thing is I looked forward to our practices at York Mills Collegiate The reason was in part the music, but mainly it was due to Robert Graham. In Robert, you have a very, very talented musician, one who is tolerant of our shortcomings in a musical way and who makes the time spent there worthwhile and interesting. His sense of humour is valuable in that regard and his ability to relate to the choir members, me included, all of whom has his or her own shtick ( Robert, that means peculiarities), is quite remarkable, a innate kind of gift I think. - Gerry, Singer

Fabulous to be part of such a wonderful group of people and of course Robert makes the choir experience spectacular!!!!  ~ xox Kerry, Singer

Thank you Robert again for all your hard efforts, humour, enthusiasm, and your unique talents - you are multi-talented!~ Erica, Singer

Thanks for the wonderful job you have done throughout the year with the choir, Robert. You have made it fun and exciting to come for rehearsals....... ~ Joy Cohen, Singer

What a great experience! We all worked hard, under the direction of our wonderful choir master and fantastic piano player Robert Graham! ~ Rhonda Frances Brewes, Singer

Thank you so much for giving me opportunities, you are an absolute joy to learn from and work with. - Raisy, Singer

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Upcoming EVENTS


National Band Championships (Cancelled)

 —  —

Scotch College, 76 Shenton Rd, Swanbourne

Robert will be one of the collaborative pianists contracted to play at the Australian National Band Championships, featuring four international adjudicators: Scott Weiss and Paul Popiel (USA) and Ian Porthouse and Tom Davoren (UK)


"Drama in Action - the Secret Life of Songs"

 —  —

The Dome Maylands Ballroom, 119-121 Railway Parade, Maylands

Robert will be the collaborative pianist for this event featuring performer, director, and lecturer Nicole Stinton, as part of the "Coffee and Conversation" series produced by the Western Australian chapter of ANATS (the Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing).



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