Please enjoy some press reviews and critiques of Robert's music, his work with his band Toronto band “The Fairest and Best”  and his new Perth based band “Robert Graham and The Landing". These are reviews of both live shows as well as album reviews:

Band Launch: Robert Graham and The Landing w/ The Stamps @The Belly, Fremantle: 

Review by Brendon Foley

"I was very impressed by Robert Graham and the Landing last night……..Jazzy and reminiscent of Randy Newman's greatest moments they serenaded the crowded venue with songs of love, loneliness and included a great song about refugees called It Could Be You.

Tight musicianship and great singing from Graham as well as his band members I was amazed that this was this bands first gig.

"The Line" is one of those albums that grows and deepens with each listening. Some popular musical tracks are easy to access but fade away quickly through lack of any depth or meaning. "The Line" is different in that it gains depth and delights with each additional listening. For me this is the sign of a great album. There isn't one track that disappoints, and the variety of styles is remarkable in its breadth and ability to engage with the listener. It's like an onion and gets more interesting and tender with each layer that's peeled away, I enjoyed the album immensely and have taken to playing at least two tracks on my breakfast show on Fremantle FM. I recommend it to you.

Simon McGrath "Start Me Up" Radio Fremantle

Last weekend, The Fairest and Best came down from Toronto to play the International Pop Overthrow Festival in Hamilton. I have had them at the festival in previous years, and always enjoyed them, but this year they were on all cylinders, with tasty, stylish melodies courtesy of main man Robert Graham, and some of the tightest harmonies and playing I've heard in awhile...and believe me, I hear a lot of bands!  They've now established themselves as one of my favourite bands in Toronto.”

— David Bash - Founder and CEO of The International Pop Overthrow Music Festival,

“When I Feel like This” creates a track that feels as if Carlos Santana had taken his 1999 release of Supernatural one track further......("One Little Sign") combines elements of Billy Joel and Elton John while combining a very strong presence from the electric guitar.......("I Won't Cry For You") brings to mind the style of bands like Gin Blossoms and/or The Goo Goo Dolls.......easily the best bet for radio airplay. Robert Graham and his band The Fairest and Best allow their musical influences to shine on their 2015 album entitled When I Feel like This. The short but entertaining three-song EP gives the listener plenty of variety in that short timespan. And the band’s newest track of “Celebrity” proves that they still have plenty to prove yet!"”

Matheson Kamin, The Rock and Roll Report

It Could Be You – This a great song with a powerful lyric that fortunately for the song, but unfortunately for the world, will always be current. This writer captured the sad state of human suffering with a very well done lyric. A very Beatlesque writing style, especially in the chorus. The verses remind me of Billy Joel - the words flow here and are very memorable. It gives “truth” and believeability when lyrics and melody are in concert like this. Billy Joel is a master at this and this writer is not far behind. Great work!”

Roy Elkins - CEO of Broadjam, Dallas Songwriters Association

  "When I Feel Like This" This song starts with the line, “When I Feel Like This”, immediately bringing the listener into the song.......very original with a unique structure. It’s the originality, structure and the mysterious nature of the lyric that make it shine. "One Little Sign" – Good song with a great chorus. “One Little Sign that's I need to carry on” is a great phrase and just reading it by itself, it could go in so many directions.......the arrangement drives the chorus home in a well-structured manner, so the listener will remember this hook. There is a nice melody in the chorus set-up under “How long can I wait for you to let me down or let me in?” This is a great line with a decent melody. This is a very good song with a good writer behind it.”

Roy Elkins CEO Broadjam, Dallas Songwriters Association

Many singers have sung about current events, politics, hard times. But only a few really get their message out beyond their followers. It takes a mixture of clever song writing, catchy hooks and good production in order to really get the song to travel as far as it can. "It Could Be You" by The Fairest And Best has all of this. From the first note you know you are in for a journey. Music is universal and I hope this songs travels and touches the lives of many affected by this tragedy. The song puts the situation in a great perspective . "It could be you", meaning "would you care about the issue more if it was you? "Of course you would.”

Rose Weekes, Hammer Records

Robert is an infectious storyteller in the Bob Dylan tradition. He’s well-traveled and consumed many bold experiences and unique individuals. The result is a prophetic thinker able to convey a number of ideas. You don’t easily walk away from his music; even after the song is over. That’s a rare gift.”

Sammy Younan, Girth Radio

"These guys are a treat to watch live, with their hard-working, adept musicianship, and gorgeous vocals and harmonies – not to mention a great sense of fun and playful audience interaction........ When I Feel Like This is a tight record; short and sweet.......a great showcase for the band’s eclectic talents.....feel-good, rhythmic groove and tight harmonies......(a) passionate rock ballad dialogue......a bittersweet, whimsical love song.......a driving, guitar rawkin’ anthem."”

Cate McKim, Life With More Cowbell

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