From the recording The Line

At first I thought I would go into intimate detail here about why I wrote this song, and the surprising story behind it. But today I changed my mind.


Because since the album's release people have been telling me that this song is resonating with them…..but all for different reasons, reasons particular to their own lives. I don’t want to mess with that. But let me say this much about this song:

This song is about hope. I literally wrote it with the intention of trying my best to offer people hope. That’s all I will say. If you want the full story, please email me at and I will gladly tell you what the song means to me and the amazing story behind it

The other thing about this song is that it features my daughter Scarlett singing with me. Here are the lyrics. I hope it stirs something in you.


When the world begins again I’ll open up my window And like a kiss that comes from long ago I’ll feel the sun upon my face

When the world begins again Suddenly I will remember What it feels like to be whole again Like a smile I had to hide

And you and I We will embrace once more And hold each other close When the world begins again

The longest night always fades into the morning light The longest day won’t last forever The stars still shine I look up and feel them deep inside Filling me with light and hope till then When the world begins again

When the world begins again I will step out of the shadows I’ll remember who I used to be And dream of who I can become

And we will open up our eyes and see Something better than before When the world begins again

The longest night will be filled laughter love and light The sweetest days we’ll be together The stars will dance To the rhythm of a new romance A dance of love we’ll never want to end

When the world begins again When the world begins again