From the recording The Line

People have asked me, why did you include this song on my album? I am not a Christian artist after all. There are many reasons…Firstly, I did it because I think it is one of my stronger songs. I like the way it sounds and the mood it creates. I LOVE the string arrangement from my producer Alek Darson.

Also, for a non-religious person, I have spent a lot of time in churches. I subbed for church services many times over the years and since 2016 I have worked as the Music Director of a church, one in Toronto (Church of the Holy Trinity Guildwood), and now one in Perth (St MIchaels and All Angels). Both are Anglican by denomination, although that was by accident.

Unlike some of the other musical situations I find myself in, playing music for churchgoers every Sunday is something that makes me feel like I am actually doing some good for people. Playing in a bar can sometimes make you feel invisible… feel like you are not doing anything really worthwhile.

When you think about it, in today’s busy world, what Christian people do on Sundays is quite rare. They take time off from their normal hectic lives to sit quietly and talk to their God. Sometimes they talk to their God through song. The right music can really enhance that experience.

I consider it a privilege to provide music for that act of worship, something so personal and meaningful for each person. It is not a responsibility I take lightly. I feel like I am doing something important. I didn’t necessarily feel that way when I started but I do now. I would like to write a whole mass one day.

Thanks for listening to “The Lord’s Prayer”. I would love to know what you think of it - whether you are a religious person or not. Email me at

Sheet music is available for this song if you are interested - just get in touch.