A Private Music Gathering feat. Robert Graham and Jenny Gaunt

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Private event

Please email me at robertgraham70@gmail.com for details and tickets if you wish to come. Here's what you will be in for:

Jenny Gaunt

Jenny Gaunt is a songwriter and musician whose “hauntingly beautiful” folk/alternative style carries elements of social justice, a quirky sense of humour and a slight incredulity. She writes songs with content including but not limited to; people and events from Australian history, feelings and healthy vegetables.

Mixing the lighthearted with the melancholy in a perfect yin and yang, Jenny's songs really “get you in the feels”. Jenny's most recent release, 'Complete - Part 1' contains songs nominated for WAM’s Song of The Year and sung by 7000 children at the RAC Arena. She has reached this point following experiences touring Europe, Australia and within the West Australian folk scene. In this solo performance, a rare one away from her trio, Jenny’s solo work promises to be authentic and open-hearted.


Robert Graham

An award-winning songwriter and musician, growing up both in British Columbia and WA, from an early age Robert divided his time equally between honing his skills as a pianist and attempting to learn every song on the radio. Returning to Perth in 2020, where he lived as a younger man, Robert continues the journey in Perth as a professional musical journeyman, creator and collaborator.

Roberts’ past collaborations have included several multi-genre bands and ensembles - including two UK tours with the Canadian Folk Music Award winning roots supergroup "Tanglefoot, performing with Australia's "Los Chasquis" (Perth, Australia), and legendary West Australian Aboriginal band "YABU"

Robert has three albums to his name and his latest record, "The Line" was released in September of this year. It has been described as “beautiful, comforting and heart breaking and so much more". He is grateful for the opportunity to share his own songs with the Ecoburbia audience, and will be performing several cuts from “The Line”, as well as other songs from his previous albums, together with some of his favourite songs from other artists.

Together with his songwriting and performing, Robert maintains a career as a Music Director, pianist, accompanist, vocalist, and vocal/repertoire coach, performing in theatre productions across Canada and in Western Australia. Since arriving back in Perth he has worked at the WA Opera Company, WAAPA, and freelanced as a collaborative pianist throughout the city.

Robert is a storyteller and sings songs that are captivating, honest and universal. As a professional musician for 25 years, he has an interesting story to tell about a life spent in music.