Are you in desperate need of some "me" time? Read on!

This is the first in a series of events for the Heart Place Rest Lounge. We are excited to birth our Rest Lounge in collaboration with pianist Robert Graham and his 'Rest, Restore and Recharge' event. This event is co-hosted with the Fremantle Fibonacci Centre. Heart Place is upstairs above the Hinata Cafe. - all at the Fibonacci Centre, 19 Blinco Street, Fremantle

Tickets are limited to 20 places so be quick to secure your place. The rest session with run from 3pm-4pm. Followed by if you feel to stay refreshments, games, songs on the Heart Place Verandah & Community Cafe. 4pm-5pm For Partial Subsidy ( Sliding Scale of Economy) contact

Tickets available here:

About the Rest Restore & Recharge Offering:

"Are you stressed? Tired? Feeling lethargic and "uncreative"? Badly need some "me" time? Do you also love music? Welcome to the first "Rest, Restore and Recharge with Music" event, featuring acclaimed pianist Robert Graham. Imagine a whole hour of "you' time. An hour where you are free to do whatever you wish. An hour with soothing and meditative piano music being performed live, music designed to relax, calm, regenerate and inspire contemplation, all in an air-conditioned studio featuring comfy bean bags, rugs and mats for your comfort.

What you do in the hour is up to you. The possibilities are endless: meditate, rest, read, yoga, dream, write, draw or paint, pray, create, or simply sit and let the beautiful music wash over and through you - as you let the power of the live music revive you. You control exactly how you spend these 60 minutes of bliss. Please note that this is a silent event (other than the music of course). Not only do you have the opportunity to rest, restore and recharge, but the wonderful people at Heart Place will be providing lovely refreshments and organic nibblies afterwards on their shady and breezy verandah. The music will continue there and you can, if you wish, meet and talk with other participants. Or you may choose to simply float home after the event, feeling rested, restored and recharged!"

Tickets (limited to 20) are available at the link above - see you there! Can't make it? Put Sunday Jan 28th in your calendar - that's the next one!

$30 with sliding scale