This is my fifth collaboration with the Heart Place Rest Lounge. All have been a wonderful experience unique for each person who came. Doors open from 2.30pm, Please arrive to be rested and ready for a 3pm start. Tickets sell fast and spaces are limited. Venue is Heart Place Upstairs above the Hinata Cafe at the Fremantle Fibonaci Centre. "An hour of soothing and meditative piano music being performed live. Music designed to relax, calm, regenerate and inspire contemplation. All in the Heart Place Rest Lounge an air-conditioned studio featuring comfy bean bags, rugs and mats for your comfort. What you do in the hour is up to you. The possibilities are endless: meditate, rest, read, yoga, dream, write, draw or paint, pray, create, or simply sit and let the beautiful music wash over and through you, as you let the power of the live music revive you. You control exactly how you spend these 60 minutes of bliss." There is a shared agreement of holding a quiet and gentle space. Refreshments & tea offered after and you are welcome to stay for a community chat. Heart Place supporting you to place rest in the heart of your day. Heart Place is a Community non-profit : Their Vision is of a compassionate world where we are responsive to the suffering of ourselves and others. Their Mission is to provide educational, healing and community-based activities and practices that promote compassion, connection, community. Together they build the Capacities and Competencies for individual - collective healing, and wellbeing. Rest is vital for healing & wellbeing, at Heart Place they are offering a number of ways to deepen our capacity for rest from our Mindful Rest Workshops & weekly classes to our Rest Lounge: a collective space for exploration of rest and all its benefits. All our events are in partnership with Act-Belong-Commit. Tickets available at